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Miroglio + Lupica Architetti Associati

via Giovanni Plana, 3

10123 Turin - Italy

Tel +39 392 614 31 11

P.IVA 07772250010

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Our target is to create concepts that can mix

the human being and the world which surrounds him.

Sabra Miroglio

There is always a very important ingredient in Sabra Miroglio’s designs: wheter it’s an house or it’s an hospital ward what really matters is how you will feel in this specific space.

Her designs must instill comforting feelings and welcoming vibes; they must create immediately an authentic cosiness with people who stay there.

For Sabra the appearance and the structure of her designs aren’t so important as what people can feel when they are in a specific place.

Giorgio Lupica

For Giorgio Lupica architecture means privacy and comfort.

These two words have two different meanings for him:

the first one means that in every place there must be a division between the functions

that the place can offer.

The second one stands for the serenity that people can feel standing in a place, due to technological supports specifically designed.

His idea of home is that it has to be a place where people can feel free

to be themself without compromises.

A place where people can live emotional and physical feelings.