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Turin- Via Garibaldi

Savurè is a project made by the idea of offer a new culinary experience in a comfortable place, unique in its kind, cozy and familiar.

The interior set-ups involve the principal areas of the place: everything harmonizes intensely, from the preparation area to the main room, passing through the open-air kitchen.

Day Hospital

Turin - Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital

The renovation of the whole fifth floor of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital saw the creation of an area for young children, designed to make more comfortable the hospital stay. For these reasons we used bright coloured images but at the same time relaxing that recur in all the parts of the area.

Our purpose, as usual, is to embrace and develop our clients’ necessities and make the area suitable for the therapy.

Appartamento B


That is the realisation of a project with a special spirit.

In every single spot of the flat you can denote the dualism of the antique and the innovative.

The flat contains different visions and styles, from the chromatic selections to the geometric combination, and offers an unique way of living, out of time.

Studio Pilates


Set on two floor levels (200 square metre in total), the restoration project of this structure was deeply conditioned by the architectural synthesis between the man and the space.

All the creation choices were instructed by this idea:

from the setting up, using light colours, to the choice of using wood.

This project made the studio a serene place, relaxing but with a strong visual effect.


di Margherita

Forse che sì, forse che no


The flat “Forse che si, forse che no” was realised in one of the most beautiful glimpse of a nice residential area in the heart of Torino.  

Thanks to an accurate selection of every single component, all the spaces have their own traits: the colours, the materials, the interior design, everything harmonizes between the ancient and the innovation.

Torino - Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita

Il nuovo reparto dedicato ai bambini affetti

da patologie incurabili e alle loro famiglie,

è un progetto per il quale ci siamo a lungo interrogati sul connubio tra valore architettonico e finalità terapeutica.
Ispirata dalla natura, in particolare al mondo marino, “L’Isola di Margherita” trasforma

l'ambiente ospedaliero in un luogo che abbraccia delicatamente i pazienti e le loro famiglie grazie al potere rilassante del mare e alle forme sinuose dell'acqua.

Il Casale


Puglia - Ostuni

Situated in the amazing setting of Ostuni, Il Casale Dell’Ulivo gives a pleasant break of quiet to whoever wants to spend holidays far away from the city stress.

The union between an old trullo and an ancient farmhouse has made Il Casale Dell’Ulivo a very ambitious project where the tradition and the innovation harmoniously complete each other and give a stunning scenery.


di Margherita

Turin - Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital

The new ward of the hospital is dedicated to all the children who are affected by incurable diseases and to their families.

We have been thinking for a very long time about the combination of the architectural value and the therapeutic aim for this project.

Inspired by nature, in particular by the sea life, “L’isola di Margherita” turns the hospital space into a place which embraces gently the patients and their families, thanks to the relaxing effect of the sea and the water’s sinuous shapes.

Banca BCC


The ambitious project that has affected the Bank of Cooperative Credit of Bene Vagienna’s branch in Torino was supported by an accurate architectural analysis of stylistic selections and aesthetic sense that a banking istitution requires.

An amazing result, in which frescos, marbles and lights mix imperceptibly.

Villa Cappuccina


After a long time in abandon, the fascinating nineteenth-century Villa Cappucina has came back to life thanks to a scrupulous conservation intervention.

This amazing example of refined architecture finds again today its old beauty, in a perfect fusion between the past and the present.

Several stylistic choices have made Villa Capuccina a precious treasure set in the mild hills in Torino.

Casa Corso Emilia


The flat “Emilia”, whose its characteristics are its modern design and its strong colours,  is located in Borgo Dora, a nice multicultural

neighbourhood in Torino.

The continuous interchanging of cold and warm nuances of colours makes

the space joyful and relaxing.

The flat is just 20 minutes walking from the city centre and has all the comforts for a pleasing and satisfying stay.

Savurè London


The spirit of this tiny jewel of the ancient Italian tradition of “housemade pasta”, situated in the heart of London, shines through every single detail, from the open-air kitchen to the stylistic choices for the setting up that create a welcoming, familiar but energic place.

The leitmotiv is the colour red, which recurs in all of the spaces and breaks imperceptibly the typical London greyness.

Villa Pia


Villa Pia, characterized by an amazing landscape which extends from the green hills to the heart of Torino, represents a perfect mixture of privacy, elegance and rural chic, divided in 5 parts and enhanced by a common garden.

The restoration project was completely conceived on the theme of nature and pureness.

In fact, the prepoderant use of stones combines with the elegance of the glass making the whole thing a charming view between the inner and external spaces.